Dear friends,

like many families who came across the ketogenic diet in their lives, we remember every moment of our adventure.

We remember the very first days, when we saw our son relieved and present, as being able to take off a heavy diving helmet for the first time in his life. We remember the bumps of the first months, and the smoothness after the first year turnaround, when experience makes you confident.

But if we have to choose, we remember the cooperation we had from our little son, his great resilience and his acceptance of being brought on board for this long and adventurous journey.

A journey which, thanks to the exceptionally skilled keto-team at Matthew’s friends, has greatly improved the quality of his life, and made us active part in the process of fighting against his epilepsy.

The sense of deep gratitude to our keto-team, naturally developed into a desire to help other children and families, especially because in our country information and material about ketogenic diet was poor.

We started this blog dedicated to families  and the warm response we had made us even more determined to contribute to make it possible that all who could benefit from a ketogenic diet, have access to this treatment, administrated and supported by a qualified keto-team.

Now there is an unique occasion to raise awareness on the ketogenic treatements: we have been shorlisted for the CUCINA BLOG AWARD by the most important italian newspaper: Corriere della Sera!




  • Do you want to help us to make the ketogenic treatments more visible?

  • Do you want to share the hard job of so many keto-families?

  • But specially, would you help us to make ketogenic diet accessible to all whom the diet could change the life, but aren’t offered this chance?

If the answer is yes, until march 20th. vote KETOGOURMET as Best Blog in the Healthy category here:

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  • created by a family with a child with refractory epilepsy, who thanks to the diet has been able to stop his seizures;
  • shares four years of ketogenic experience with other families, offering  a valuable help in dealing with such a challenging diet;
  • demonstrates that also a healing food, can and should be  “Gourmet“!



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